Arts Network 

Our free membership provides access to the huutaArt Network. 

Similar to other social networks, members are be able to network, create groups, create events, and share information. All members of the huutaArt community have a ^Network Profile page that may be customized with photos, videos, and other information. Friends can browse the profiles of other friends and write messages on their pages. Each huutaArt profile has a "stream”, where friends may also post comments. You can send a person a private message, which will show up in a private huutaArt Inbox and can also be sent to person's e-mail address. 

huutaArt allows each member to set privacy settings. You can adjust the privacy settings to allow users within your network to view part or all of your profile. 

huutaArt provides an easy way to keep in touch and for artists to have a presence on the Web without needing to build a website.  huutaArt makes it easy to upload pictures and videos; anyone can publish a multimedia profile.

Access to the content in the network restricted to members only.

Membership has its benefits!
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Features & Benefits

A key feature of the Arts Network is our free *EVENT LISTING SERVICE. 
Members may add their Arts & Culture events into the calendar, share with friends and the world, and allow people to RSVP.
  • Network Profile
  • Privacy Settings
  • Integrated Event Listing Service
  • Add Friends
  • Create Events
  • Your Events are published automatically on your Arts Directory Listing (if you have a subscription)
  • Create and/or join Groups  - additionally set Group to PRIVATE
  • Your Calls for Submissions [if you are a Call Publisher] published automatically on your Arts Directory Listing (if you have a subscription)
  • Content [except for events] for members only
  • Searchable
  • Distinctive URL
^ Network profiles are NOT publicly accessible by default
* Event Listings ARE publicly accessible