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Artisans At Work Gallery
Sep., 1, 2015, 11am
What a wonderful fresh artistic support business this is! Finally, a local exhibition submissions network for galleries & artists to come together on. We are many, and have been needing this connection since the beginning of interweb time! Thank you huutaart, may your success be equal to the attention to details and innovation your bring us.
Shashank Sharma
Mar., 31, 2018, 9am
One of our clients was looking for opportunities to participate in an art show in Canada. And on searching at Google I found and was very happy to see the call section. The client was very pleased by the options available. Thank you very much for the call service.
Heather Gentleman
Oct., 28, 2015, 3pm
Submitting to huutaArt is a straightforward process, making the submission process seamless. In any submission process, all documents need to be included to be accepted. Its disconcerting to find out that an application has been declined because of missing documents. huutaArt ensures that all necessary information is uploaded before the submission is accepted.
Michelle Letarte
Jul., 20, 2015, 12pm
I have used huutaArt to submit artworks to several calls at Propeller and have found it relatively easy, fast and efficient.
Frances Patella
Jul., 10, 2015, 1pm
I had a migraine coming on and only 10 minutes before a posted deadline! Not one to give up so easily, I decided to go for it.

huutaArt made it very very easy to submit. In that 10 minute window, I photographed the artwork I planned to submit, quickly went to huutaArt, uploaded the image, added details, paid and was done! YEAH!!!

Talk about efficient!
Ross Winter
Sep., 7, 2014, 11pm
Tony, the site is working like a charm! For responding to calls, creating a profile, etc.
Linda McIntosh
Sep., 2, 2014, 9am
Thank you! That was embarrassingly easy to do!!
Feb., 16, 2014, 10pm
Thank you for making things so much easier to submit work for gallery shows. It's fantastic.
David Griffin
Feb., 2, 2014, 2am
Thanks for this. It is a very easy to use tool, making the opportunities simpler to access.
Cyril J. Williams
Jan., 18, 2014, 10pm
Very easy to use.
Marilyn Westlake
Jan., 16, 2013, 10pm
Your site is a great way to apply, I really love it, including the payment option. - very easy to use - visually simple and easy to navigate - great idea for the artist
Artisans At Work Gallery
Aug., 18, 2016, 4pm
We find HuutaArt very easy to manage our calls to artists, which are free to submit to also. Out gallery is making its spot in Toronto known as a unique gallery of over 100 local artisans, with monthly themed shows for visual artists, and HuutaArt is helping us get our message and services to artists out there.

Artists need all the support possible to show and sell, and we appreciate this easy to use Networking and Call for Art service they provide. Tara Shelton
Propeller Gallery
Feb., 5, 2016, 3pm
Propeller gallery has utilized HuutaArt for over a year now as the sole source for administration and organization of our many calls for submission, proposals and applications, conducted through our gallery programming. We are incredibly happy with the quality of service and ease of use that the website provides in order to facilitate exhibitions featuring the artwork of multiple artists with many submissions.

At any time Propeller could have 2-3 open calls for submissions, receiving anywhere from 30 to 100 submissions per exhibition. HuutaArt has provided us with an efficient and streamlined method of tracking information, images and payments required for the gallery to conduct a call for submissions. The system effectively consolidates everything necessary to organize and oversee a call for submissions of multiple artworks and artists.

The benefits of using HuutaArt for open calls are extensive, offering a method of tracking payments, artwork submissions, important artist information (including bio's, CV's, artist statements etc.) and other materials. HuutaArt also allows event organizers to communicate and correspond with artists, providing an effective system to engage with artists, inform them of any changes or updates and notify artists about the status of their submissions. Payments are processed automatically and efficiently, ensuring that the gallery is able to obtain revenue from submissions almost immediately.

Our testimonial only scratches the surface of the benefits of using HuutaArt, particularly for those interested in organizing calls for submissions. What ultimately separates HuutaArt from other methods of organizing open-call exhibitions, is the incredibly efficient and dedicated team behind the site. If users are experiencing problems, the team is able to provide support fast and effectively, resolving questions and technical obstacles artists and organizers might encounter in a timely manner. Overall, we would recommend HuutaArt to other exhibition organizers who seek an easy-to-use and professional approach to accepting artwork submissions, proposals and applications of all kinds.
Heather Gentleman
Oct., 28, 2015, 3pm
I have coordinated an annual exhibit for the last 5 years at a Toronto Gallery. The jury submission process was arduous. I would have to download the images for review, keep track of jurors comments and decisions, document emails and send letters.

hurtaArt has made the submission process easy, well organized and enjoyable. All the information is available online and after the entry has been denied or accepted, a letter is sent to the respective recipients. We were even able on one occasion to review the submissions from separate locations. The labels can also be created through the information on HuutaArt. I couldn't imagine reviewing submissions any other way.
Michelle Letarte
Jul., 20, 2015, 12pm
I have used huutaArt to manage calls for exhibitions for the Propeller Gallery. This is a great tool that saves hours of work as you can monitor the submissions as they come in. It will provide an excel sheet with all information on artists and their submission(s) which can be edited for various purposes and also used for the jury process.
Philip Hare
Jul., 9, 2015, 11am
Propeller now accepts submission solely through huutaArt. As Selection Chair for Propeller I'm happy to say that huutaArt does most of the work for me. From posting calls for submissions to notifying an artist of the Selection Committee's decision, huutaArt is an invaluable resource. Collating submissions for exhibitions could not be simpler and the jurying process has been streamlined immensely.
We no longer have to deal with multiple formats and incomplete proposals. Having all our submissions in a consistent, easy to view platform has enabled our Selection Committee to review artists' work easily
and conveniently.

huutaArt has been instrumental in Propeller's success as one of Toronto's longest running artist­run centres.