Email Blast!

Calls for Submissions listed on may optionally be emailed directly to members!

This is a direct one on one email - just your Open Call content delivered directly to huutaArt members who want to hear about Open Calls.

We recognise the inherent challenges in announcing calls for submissions and getting those announcements to the “right” audience. We also recognise that there is an awful lot of junk mail clogging up our inboxes. At we have tried to provide a solution to these challenges.

  1. Only Call Organizers are able to use the Email Blast! service and only if their call is listed with us.
  2. Email Blasts! are a pay-per-use service
  3. members control whether they receive Email Blasts!
*Important note for members: 

The new Email Blast! service allows Call Organizers to send you email announcements of their Open Calls. Don’t worry we do not share your email address with anyone and you control if you want to receive an Email Blast! 

To manage Email Blasts! from Call Organizers log in to your account and go to:, look for the item "News Blasts! from Call Publishers" & set as you would like.