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    huutaArt.com is the complete solution to
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  • All your submissions organized in a structured view.

    Easy, simple, & effective
    for you, your submitters and your jury.

    Submitting and jurying have never been easier!
  • Accept fees directly to your PayPal account.

    Fees sent directly to you.
    Set your fees: per submission or per item.

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  • Use our universal form creation tool.

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    Need more? Easily add custom forms too!

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A better, simpler process.

If you've ever managed more than a handful of submissions you know just how much time and effort it takes. 

huutaArt is specifically designed to reduce your workload by managing and cataloging submissions to your Call for Entry/ Open Call for Submissions.

More than just an online form.

Online forms are easy – it's how you manage the information that's important.

huutaArt.com is a complete end to end solution for:
– creating and publishing a Call for Entries;
– collecting, cataloging, & curating submissions;
– communicating with entrants. 

Check out our video overview.

create call 5minsub overview


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