About Us

Anthony F. SAAD, Producer - Digital Media
Thomas Brenneur - Software Architect/Developer
Award winning digital media producer and application developer with over 30 years experience in digital multimedia production, Tony began his career at the Educational Media Unit of Victoria College in Melbourne Australia educating educators in the effective use of media technology. He later took a position at Glaxo Australia where he was responsible for video production and multi-media services for national and regional conferences.

He moved to Canada as an independent producer, collaborating on digital multimedia projects such as touch screen information systems, interactive installations, online applications and locative games. In 2004 Tony took a residency at the Canadian Film Centre's Media Lab where he developed Painting the Myth, The Mystery of Tom Thomson which subsequently won the Gold Award for New Media at the National Post Design Exchange Awards in 2005.

He is currently a Director of Interactive Directories Inc., a boutique digital production company.
  He started programming in 1980 at the age of 17 on a Tandy TRS-80 Model 1. Back in the day, in the south of France, this was a very uncommon thing to do.  

Self taught, Thomas created software for a number of small businesses, and realising he had an affinity with coding he decided to go to college and acquired a degree in computer science.

In 1990 Thomas immigrated to Canada where he developed software solutions across a diverse range of sectors and industries. His development experience spans Air Traffic Control, Accounting, Production Management, Geographic Information System, Manufacturing, and Security/Privacy protection.

With his deep understanding of computer architecture, database design, network protocols and programming languages, and together with the broad experiences working in both large enterprise and lean start-ups, Thomas embarked on a successful journey as freelance software consultant. At the same time he chose to fulfill his childhood dream - learning the art of violin making - and so he went back to school and consequently won many awards during his studies to become a Luthier.

When Thomas is not coding software or playing the fiddle you can find him in his workshop handcrafting violins.