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To retrieve your username click "Forgot Username"- and follow the instructions on the next screen. 
To reset your password click "Forgot Password"- and follow the instructions on the next screen.
You MUST have access to the email address you registered with to use these tools. If you do not have access to the email address you registered with please contact us.

Note: Sometimes your web browser will try to add a password in the 1st password field and leave the verify password field blank. (for you to verify)
These are the steps to make the edit.
  1. Log in to account
  2. click to Edit Network Profile
  3. make changes in Account Information
  4. click over to Account Details
  5. either keep the passwords blank or make sure you re-input the correct passwords in both password fields
  6. click save at bottom of that page.
* Do not use the 'back' button during this process as it will reload the page and you will have to start over. 
When you save login credentials in Firefox and it tries to fill in the form  and it will always leave the verify password field blank.  This is a security step to make the user fill in the password - because if it did this automatically the whole "verify your password" step would be a waste of time.
So there are only 2 choices:
  • If you have your browser remember your password for
    you must either verify the password (if you see that the password field has black dots in it) or delete those black dots in the password field + verify password field
  • Remove your password for and do not allow the broswer to remember password for that page on

To DELETE your huutaArt account please click this link:
* you must be logged to access this.

For all other account issues please contact support.

Our Universal Call Creator covers many types of calls, however we know, sometimes, Call Organizers will need a specifc submission form. We are in the process of developing an easy to use Custom Form Creator that will be available in the near future. 

For the time being, we have to create a custom form for your Open Call - give us a shout via our contact form to discuss your requirements.

All galleries and Call Organisers must have a PayPal account to use

We use PayPal's advanced payment processing to send the submission fee directly to the organizer in real time. We want to provide some peace of mind to all Submitting Artists that Galleries & Organizers using are real entities.

VERIFIED by PAYPAL means that galleries must provide some documentation to prove they are who they say they are. This is one way to show that your organization is real.

Of course all artists must satisfy themsleves of the authenticity of any gallery prior to paying a submission fee!

Voila_Capture 2017-04-01_03-20-43_PM.png
In the Open Calll Management screen you are able to Print, Export, and download a ZIP file will all the images.
Print Button
A quick print view of the submissons with small thumbnail
Export Button
Export all the data submitted by each artist in a CSV file.  Open easily in a spreadsheet programme like MicrosoftXL or Google Sheets
ZIP button

Download all the submitted images in an easy one click step. Submissions are grouped in folders by artist name ( as per their registration) and images will be labelled by the file name the artist uploaded.

Images are a maximum of 2500 pixels only if the artist uploaded an image larger than that. Otherwise the image is the original size uploaded.

If you have many submissions with multiple images the download will take a number of seconds before it will be ready for you.


A PayPal account is NOT required to use

You may use a credit card without having a PayPal account. Just click the text: "Pay with a creditcard or debit card" - at the bottom of the PayPal screen.


* If you have lost your login details for PayPal you can retrieve them by going to: and click on the '?' in the username or password field - then follow their instructions.


Yep!  2 in fact
(hit play 1st then fullscreen @ bottom right....)

Apply to an OPEN CALL from huutaArt.

Create and Publish an OPEN CALL from huutaArt.

We currently do not accept uploading of video files to huutaArt. You can LINK to a video that is already online at VIMEO, or YOUTUBE.

Just copy & paste the video URL into the submission form.

*Remember to click  "TEST THIS LINK" to make sure your video works ok. 

Once a submission is completed and sent to the Call Organizer you cannot change or edit or add to it. So please make sure you are happy with your submission before posting it to the Call.

Also, huutaArt cannot change any material after it has been submitted.
There are many many reasons why we do not edit submitted material. 

The only option available is to speak with the Call Organizer. You can send the organizer a message from your account. 

To send a message:
  1. log in to your account & go to "My Submissions" >> 'My COMPLETED SUbmissions'
  2. click on the submission in question (a new page loads...)
  3. "My submission to..." page  sub menu on the right click on "Messages for the Call"
  4. Add your message and hit send.
The number of times you may submit to an Open Call is governed by the Call Organizer.

If the Call does not allow multiple submissions the system will only allow you to submit once for that Open Call.

However, if the Open Call does allows multiple submissions all you have to do is go to the detail page for that call and click on the submit button (top right).

To withdraw a Submission to a call please contact the Call Organisor directly. All submission fees are paid to the gallery directly and so refunds must be managed between the artist and the gallery. cannot issue refunds on behalf of galleries.
We spoke with PAYPAL about the 4001 error notice coming from their site. 
The agent disclosed this is their "standard response" when a credit card is locked by the issuing bank or company.
If you come across this notice when paying a fee at PAYPAL you will need to call your credit card company to resolve the issue.


"Submitted" is a message to keep you informed of the status of your submission. When the gallery completes its selection process and posts the results the icon will change accordingly.


hu2A pending Waiting for Gallery: waiting the Call Orgnizer to jury the submissions.

 hu2A accepted Accepted: your submission has been accepted by the Call Organizer

hu2A pending Not Accepted  = your submission has not been accepted

hu2A pending1 PayPal confirmation pending:
 - we are waiting for a PayPal confirmation code to let us know the transaction has been completed.


Some info on PayPal:Please note at there is a 2 step process if paying by credit card:
  1. Add your Credit Card info (1st screen+ click to continue) 
  2. Summary screen (2nd screen)-  you must click the button labelled PAY - at the bottom of this screen to complete the payment
PayPal provides a  2nd screen as the summary of the purchase you are about to make and requires confirmation by pressing the "PAY" button. If you were to click the yellow PAY button - PayPal would initiate the transaction and the following 8 actions would occur automatically:
  1. payment is sent to the CALL ORGANISER account
  2. PAYPAL will send you + CALL ORGANISER an email of the details- with tracking numbers
  3. PAYPAL will send CONFIRMATION of the transaction
  4. will send you an email advising you your submission has been submitted
  5. will send CALL ORGANISER an advisory email about your submission
  6. on your account - your submission will be moved to " MY COMPLETED SUBMISSIONS"
  7. delivers your submission to CALL ORGANISER account
  8. on your account we will show the PayPal transaction details
These actions occurr after the PAY button is pressed and the payment is completed and PayPal sends us confirmation. 

When a gallery views images on we provide a small thumbnail as well as a larger image. The large image must fit in the browser window. We DO NOT scale images up. However, we do scale images down to fit inside the browser.

Based on statistical analysis of the monitor size used by huutaArt users, the best size for images is 2500 pixles on the longest edge @ 72DPI

We have created a system that enables you to create a DRAFT Submission. This means that you can start your submission today and complete it tomorrow or the next day.

A submission will remain as a DRAFT until you complete the process by either paying the submission fee (if there is a fee) or POSTING the submission to the call.

Once you have posted (entered) your submission you will not be able to make any edits so please make sure you are happy with all the details of your draft submission.

huutaArt is a constructed word derived from the FINNISH word 'huutaa' which means "to shout".
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