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Mr. Hydde
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Mr. Hydde is a painter living and working on the dark side in the greater Toronto area. He matriculated through a traditional art education, including a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. conferred from two prestigious Canadian Universities before the loving call of Low Brow, and Street Art ruined him forever. Mr. Hydde is an admirer of early Surrealism, Dada, Pop Art, and specifically the great and marvellous European art collective COBRA. He feels a great admiration and spiritual affinity with the work of Jean Dubuffet and the later, “In your face!” work of Philip Guston.

Mr. Hydde has survived a strange extended adventure in Tokyo, a private battle with cancer, and a soul crushing series of day jobs. He juggles his dark creative existence with an alter-ego mostly responsible for helping him hide in plain sight and pay the bills.

As a “people watcher” and a student of human nature, Mr. Hydde is compulsively interested in the dynamics of the subconscious and psychological narratives that arise from the floating bits of flotsam and jetsam that accumulate as we move through our complex lives.

For sales and all other inquiries, please contact the artist directly by phone, e-mail or Facebook message:

Tel: 647-241-0362
E-mail: mrhydde@mrhydde.com
Facebook: darren.hyde.56

Mr. Hydde is very active on social media.  Enjoy his pages:



  • City: Toronto
  • Prov./State: ONTARIO
  • Country: Canada


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