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The Red Head Gallery

The Red Head Gallery, located in downtown Toronto, is entering its twenty-fifth year as Toronto’s most enduring collectively-run art gallery.

The Red Head Gallery, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, is a professional artists' cooperative committed to exhibiting the work of established and emerging artists and to encouraging work...

The Super Wonder Gallery

Headstrong and fearless, Christian Aldo is a highly energetic and charismatic visionary, with a flair for the dramatic. His latest project, The SUPER WONDER GALLERY has recently found a new home in...

Thomas Brenneur

Luthier / Violin Maker

Artist/ Creator | Crafts
Located in Montreal (Quebec,Canada), I am a luthier making baroque and modern instruments. All my instruments are handmade with methods and techniques in usage.....

Toronto Irish Film Festival

The Toronto Irish Film Festival (TIRFF) is a unique Canadian Irish film festival. TIRFF was founded in April 2009 by Michael Barry and John Galway who have over 30 years' collective experience in...