Annika Steimle

detail Untitled Annika-SteimleUntitled 1 (detail) [click on the image to see the complete work]
© Annika Steimle

My artistic practice, in particular my sculptural practice, focuses mainly on ideas of space, art in space, space in art and space as art. Mostly through installation work I place the viewer into a space of art that stimulates the senses, distorts conventional conceptions of space and the notion of how we humans perceive it. Furthermore I also explore notions of confined space, the representation and the transfer of space and place, as well the transfer of humans occupying space in a calculated and controlled area or expanse of material, be it two or three dimensional. Other than this obsession of space be it physical or solely conceptual, the question of materials is also always essential. The clash of the actual properties of the medium and the experience it creates is of great interest to me and has not yet fully been fully explored in relation to it's affect on space or perceived space through human associations to the original usage of the object or material. 

Untitled 1
"Untitled 1" explores painting as a sculptural object. It questions the traditional methods of painting, by exploring the movement of paint on three dimensional surfaces and the interaction of colors this irregular shape creates. These sculptural objects reaffirm themselves as painted canvases through the act of hanging them on the wall. Through limited space, the viewer is reduced to only a frontal, two dimensional perception of the piece, almost denying the three dimensionality of the work.
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