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"Mystery Woods" - Alison Terp

detail AlisonTerp MysteryWoodsMystery Woods (detail)
© 2011 - Alison Terp
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, with a resin coating.
My mix media artwork is created in multiple layers, adding both depth and a dynamic element to each painting, which allows for individual interpretation.
Along with acrylic paint on canvas, I incorporate drawings as well as images from newspapers, magazines and photocopies. Diverse materials allow me to experiment and "play" with a range of techniques. Many of my pieces are coated in resin.
My art provides a forum for personal expression in infinite ways. Nature, my travels, and my Physiotherapy/anatomy background often influence and inspire me! 
YEAR: 2011 
MEDIUM: acrylic, mixed media and resin 
SIZE: 3' x 4' 
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