Where did huutaArt come from?

A few years ago when I began submitting to Open Calls I found the process cumbersome, slow, and inefficient. Later, as a gallery member, helping organize Open Calls, I realized how "20th century" this process was. DVD's that were not compatible, printing material for juries, incomplete submissions, and piles of physical material that needed to organized. Submitting and managing submissions had a lot of 'overhead'.

I called on my talented friend Thomas to co-create huutaArt.com. We borrowed the word huutaa from the Finnish language which means 'to shout'. See wikitionary definition: huutaa.

huutaArt.com was borne from real world needs. 

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We've made it easy for Galleries, Curators, Festivals, and just about anyone to create, publish, and manage calls for submission.

If you are looking for an easy & straight forward online submission management system you have come to the right place. We built huutaArt.com from the ground as a complete solution for both Call Organizers and Submitters.

huutaArt.com has been proven to save the Call Organizer days, (yes days!) of time  managing the open call process.

Easy. Efficient. Effective.

We've made submitting on huutaArt.com super easy!

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Easy. Efficient. Effective.
Gone are the days of making CDs & DVDs, mailing your submission in or worse using couriers. Gone are the days of  'dropping off' your submission in person. Save valuable time and effort using huutaArt.com.